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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Plong Bpai Loei...

'Plong bpai loei' (Go ahead and fully awaken out).
'Bab Mai Arai Gup Arai' (In the way of MAGA).
This is the power of blessing.

Awakening out will cleanse itself.
Awaken like not hanging on to it, not keeping it, not drowning in awakening.
That is called non-attaching to 'Sutti' (mundane consciousness).

This is not the defilements of Vipassana, not attached to power; this is good blessing with the power of the mind.

Don't drown in your consciousness, it's old, it delays. So fully awaken out.
Brighten up, not attached to the brightening. Shining out.
If MAGA, there will be no attachment to Dharma, so it will not be attached to anything by itself, because it's not setting out for anything, with delusion or attachments.

Beware of checking the seeing, the knowing - this will be sticky, it will accumulate.
Because it's like hanging there with the one controlling the seeing, the knowing, so MAGA will not be attached to the one who sees or the one who knows.
It will not be attached to the subtleties or the intangibles.

If there is any hanging onto anything, awaken out and discard it.
It's not only from the gates of the eyes, ears, mouth and heart.
Unwind it from these gates which crystallise in the delusive attachments.

Keep awakening out from itself, unwinding it out from itself more and more, 'bab MAGA'. It will be 'Attee Wassana' (Great Blessed Fortune), to help the Samsara.

Everything is 'Mai', 'Mai', (non-delusive attachment).
It's not accepting or denying.
This is the essence of 'Maha Sunyata' (Great Void-as-it-is).
This is the blessing for the Samsara. Everything brightening. Fully awakening.
Not only awakening from the mind. It means simultaneously everything is awakening out.

Don't circulate only with your feelings through the eyes, ears, nose, etc, or even the mind. Fully awakening both in and out, boundlessly. That is called Maha Sunyata.

Drop the holding on, the attaching, the grasping, it means drop the delusive attachment. So that will be the power that is the great power, that is not targeting only outside or inside. MAGA both outside and inside - already empty, already letting go.

No need to be attached, to try to non-attach with anything.
It's not about 'samadhi' (meditation), 'tabah' (power from meditation) 'dhyana' (seeing intangibles) or 'panya' (wisdom).

If there is no thought to create, it's already MAGA. Meaning only use this samadhi, tabha or panya to help out in that moment, already empty, already 'Nippan' (Nirvana).

Only assume it to help out in that moment. Not guarding anything, just use it as a tool to bless. It's not about life for life, about knowing, to want to know. Just knowing for the moment to bless.

The foundation is not about the knowing or seeing already, it is MAGA.
Everything is 'Mai'. Non delusive attachment in everything.
Therefore fully awaken and discard everything, boundlessly.
No confusion. Only to cleanse and unwind.

The 'Mai' is not anything already. It's Anit-jung (impermanence), Anatta (non-self) already. 

Don't be delusive to let go of anything. Just MAGA.
But if you are doing something for letting go, this is the desire for something.
No need for desire or defilements to practise in the mind.
Defilements are the taking, the wanting.
For letting go it looks beautiful but it is all about desire - 'Man kue tunha tang mod'.

Don't let go and add on trying to let go again.
End delusion, desire and delusive attachment by itself.

Luang Phor Posri Suriya
Reflection on 21 Feb 2015.

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