A lot of people love to talk about compassion and peace regarding home, foreign and domestic affairs. But did not have the compassion and peace in mind, then how will the true compassion and peace be formed?


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"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." The Buddha. "..Religion without Science is Blind, Science without religion is crippled." Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Friday, 17 April 2015

A sign of forgiveness, Awakening of the mind, looking deeply into the mind to bring an absolute end if suffering.

Ending of suffering, Noble awakening. Blissful in real life, wake up in the bliss of Nibbana ( attaining of enlightenment ). Healing of stress, mental disorder, nervous breakdown, having good temperament, purification of mind and follow the Lord Buddha's teaching for attainment of enlightenment. 

Keeping watch on your mind and thoughts. Just continue to observe without paying/giving any effort or special dealing with it. Then let go all the prejudices of the mind. This is the way to liberate oneself from suffering and all mental disorders. Go through the following four foundations for accomplishment. Perform the deed with satisfaction, Give the full effort to your work and do it with devotion, Be strong to your intention, Be attentive to your goal with mindfulness. Take a thorough investigation in order to make a purposeful life. Lead a natural Dhamma life with responsibility and goodness in all work. Carrying the zeal of complete wisdom of mindfulness. 

Avail the Nibbana bliss right now and here. 

Preaching by Venerable Luang Pu Phra Maha Boon Din 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Strange Photo 5

Thammeka Stupa in India

Plong Bpai Loei...

'Plong bpai loei' (Go ahead and fully awaken out).
'Bab Mai Arai Gup Arai' (In the way of MAGA).
This is the power of blessing.

Awakening out will cleanse itself.
Awaken like not hanging on to it, not keeping it, not drowning in awakening.
That is called non-attaching to 'Sutti' (mundane consciousness).

This is not the defilements of Vipassana, not attached to power; this is good blessing with the power of the mind.

Don't drown in your consciousness, it's old, it delays. So fully awaken out.
Brighten up, not attached to the brightening. Shining out.
If MAGA, there will be no attachment to Dharma, so it will not be attached to anything by itself, because it's not setting out for anything, with delusion or attachments.

Beware of checking the seeing, the knowing - this will be sticky, it will accumulate.
Because it's like hanging there with the one controlling the seeing, the knowing, so MAGA will not be attached to the one who sees or the one who knows.
It will not be attached to the subtleties or the intangibles.

If there is any hanging onto anything, awaken out and discard it.
It's not only from the gates of the eyes, ears, mouth and heart.
Unwind it from these gates which crystallise in the delusive attachments.

Keep awakening out from itself, unwinding it out from itself more and more, 'bab MAGA'. It will be 'Attee Wassana' (Great Blessed Fortune), to help the Samsara.

Everything is 'Mai', 'Mai', (non-delusive attachment).
It's not accepting or denying.
This is the essence of 'Maha Sunyata' (Great Void-as-it-is).
This is the blessing for the Samsara. Everything brightening. Fully awakening.
Not only awakening from the mind. It means simultaneously everything is awakening out.

Don't circulate only with your feelings through the eyes, ears, nose, etc, or even the mind. Fully awakening both in and out, boundlessly. That is called Maha Sunyata.

Drop the holding on, the attaching, the grasping, it means drop the delusive attachment. So that will be the power that is the great power, that is not targeting only outside or inside. MAGA both outside and inside - already empty, already letting go.

No need to be attached, to try to non-attach with anything.
It's not about 'samadhi' (meditation), 'tabah' (power from meditation) 'dhyana' (seeing intangibles) or 'panya' (wisdom).

If there is no thought to create, it's already MAGA. Meaning only use this samadhi, tabha or panya to help out in that moment, already empty, already 'Nippan' (Nirvana).

Only assume it to help out in that moment. Not guarding anything, just use it as a tool to bless. It's not about life for life, about knowing, to want to know. Just knowing for the moment to bless.

The foundation is not about the knowing or seeing already, it is MAGA.
Everything is 'Mai'. Non delusive attachment in everything.
Therefore fully awaken and discard everything, boundlessly.
No confusion. Only to cleanse and unwind.

The 'Mai' is not anything already. It's Anit-jung (impermanence), Anatta (non-self) already. 

Don't be delusive to let go of anything. Just MAGA.
But if you are doing something for letting go, this is the desire for something.
No need for desire or defilements to practise in the mind.
Defilements are the taking, the wanting.
For letting go it looks beautiful but it is all about desire - 'Man kue tunha tang mod'.

Don't let go and add on trying to let go again.
End delusion, desire and delusive attachment by itself.

Luang Phor Posri Suriya
Reflection on 21 Feb 2015.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bao Bao (Lightly Lightly)

Be light and discard the light feeling.
Let go of thoughts that are made up of gross wisdom. Lightly be like MAGA, unwind from lightness and discard it.
It is the essence of liberation (vimutti).

Don't hold strong intention in the mind. 
The desire is immediately directing outward.
Desire adding onto 'jit' (the mind).
Craving and desire arise from having too much involvement in things.

Tolerance, absorption and insight from meditation practice, becomes tension and strong intention from inside. It has been crystalised for many lifetimes; this causes one to have strong intention and seriousness that is called 'A-Tham' (wrong to dharma).
This gaining from meditation practice makes the mind confused inside, clash in itself, and rage in itself. Therefore it cannot tolerate itself.

Let the mind be light and drop itself.  
That is called 'La-iet, ting la-iet' (subtleties, discard subtleties). Unwind from its' subtle state. It will not be karma adding onto the mind (Mano), or karma adding onto dharma. 
It is still wrong to dharma.

Don't circulate in thoughts with wisdom, it's gross.  Much of desire is adding onto wisdom. Therefore it cannot be 'Nirod' (Extinction of the mind) or 'Nippan' (Nirvana).

Let go of lightness and subtle states of mind.
Don't attach to intangibles or gross forms.
Don't leave this body after death and still hold on to mind phenomena.

Trying to hold on to certain states of mind is gross. That is desire.
Desire likes to be raging to 'jit' (the mind) and uses it intentionally, carelessly.  
Desire is raging to 'jit' and uses it that way; focusing, targeting. 
'Jit' is then raging to all things, that's 'a-tham'. (That which is wrong to dharma, all in itself).

Delusive attachment and desire adding onto the mind is called 'Kam Sorn Tham' (Karma adding onto dharma). ...Still 'a-tham' (wrong to dharma).

Go ahead with 'Mai, MAGA.' End all deep rooted patterns.  
Don't be delusive in mind phenomena.
This is called letting go of the tangibles and intangibles (rupa tham, nama tham).
Don't take any states of mind into consideration.

Be light like MAGA.
'So...', brighten up inside and outward to all things. This is sacred to cleanse. Unwinding with the divine blessing power of Nirod and Nippan of the Ariya (Noble ones), into all things, helping them to unwind lightly.

MAGA, gross or subtleties.
Don't try to hold on to wisdom or whatever, even subtle consciousness, subtle wisdom or subtle meditative states. There is still much desire left in wanting to gain these states and it creates struggling inside. Ultimately yield to let go of mind phenomena, don't possess it. That is by the Great Void-as-it-is, Nirvana as-it-is.

'Mai chai arai gab arai you laew,' (nothing is involved with anything already).
Be wise to unwind and discard until it is light like MAGA, more and more.

Ultimately yield to let go of mind phenomena.
No more gross or subtle desire.
Extinction of desire is Nirod.

Ultimate yielding will yield itself to unwind naturally.
When one yields to let go, the result is unwinding.
Then there is balance in assuming body/mind (body elements and 5 aggregates). 

This is lightness discarding lightness.
Light just like MAGA. Intangibles discard intangibles.
Then blessing with 'So...' and with MAGA it's the real essence of Nirod and Nippan.
This is very good to help unwind into all things and help clear out situations, unlike clashing. This is also the practice of blessing.

'So...' empty out.
'So...'clear out.
'So...' with MAGA.

Luang Por Posri Suriya Khemarato's reflection on 22 Feb 2015

*MAGA - Mai Arai Gab Arai - Don't involve anything with anything or don't get attached with anything. 


Due to this merits,
May I soon,
Attain the enlightened state of Guru Buddha,
That I may be able to librate all sentient beings from their suffering.

May the precious bodhi mind, Not yet been born in me, will arise and grow.
May the birth have no decline, and will increase forever more.

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo
Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dharmaya
Namo Sanghaya