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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Be diligent to channel out Parami.

Be diligent. To channel out Parami.
Don't think that extinguishing for one's own sake can continue.
So long as there are elements and aggregates, karmic difficulties in them are still there too.
Therefore it is about good/bad karma, karmic redemption and everything relating to it.
Don't obstruct blessing.
Be diligent to give out Parami.
Be diligent to 'Soo.'   Be diligent to clear out.  And it will go.

Self extinguishment or "Mai Arai Gab Arai" in oneself is one thing.  Only for one's own benefit.
The other thing that is for other's benefit is to assume the body/mind to bless in all things.
Give it out.  'Soo' it out to all things; that is the unobstructing power.
There is no beginning, no end, already.

What one sow, one must reap.

Habitual karma is the adding on to body/mind.
It's like new delusion,desire, and delusive attachment adding on.
Then it will circulate around the old karmic difficulties on and on.
If one is lazy to give, it is worse.
Staying with the self, only the self, is even worse.

Obsessing with only the body/mind and mind phenomena, is new delusion.
This is new delusion that's waiting to add on in thoughts, feelings and reminding.
So be diligent to 'Mai' (no delusive attachment). It will cleanse itself. It will channel out. 
 'Soo' it out.

Be diligent. 
Fully awaken out with the power of unwinding then it will unwind all things as well.
Be diligent to 'Soo'. Open out with the palms.
Sometimes the mind is sticky, focused and tense unable to unwind on its own.
Use the palms to help out.
It will guide the mind to be wide open as well.
Be diligent. Fully awaken out with the power of unwinding.
Then it will 'klei' (unwind) everything altogether, unwinding inside and outside.

Don't be busy within your own self, your own body, your own mind; for what?
That which is already there by itself, let it be.

Be like the great consciousness. Awaken out and discard.
Clear it out and discard.  Don't control your own feelings.
That is being enclosed in like animals - that is still holding on to body/mind.
'Plong ting' (fully awaken and discard the awakening).
End it. Finish it. 
Don't take anything on again with the body or mind.

Be diligent to 'Soo'.  Open out with the palms
The unwinding power will reach out like giving, like blessing.
During 'Soo', emptying out will help the surrounding that is still crystalised in the body, in feelings, which are sticky.
It is helpful for everyone by being fully awakening out  in the mid of the crowd.

'Plong ting' (fully awaken and discard). Be like the great consciousness.

Being in simulteneous 'Sati' (consciousness) is mundane, it's still grasping feelings. 
This is not the great consciousness - 'Plong'.
Unwind out of worries of trying to hold on to mental phenomena. That is not true giving.
If worries can be let go, there will be no guarding.
'Mai arai gup arai', so there is nothing left in the mind.

Disappear the self in the mind.
'Mai arai gup arai'.
Disappear from this uprightness.
Don't try to be someone in the mind.

If there is still someone there expecting for something, that is habitual karma that is still deep rooted. 
Declare the cancellation and removal of this karma.

Don't just extinguish for oneself. Let it fully awaken out.
Everything is 'Mai aria gup arai' simultaneously.
Then one is ready to bless.
'Soo' it out. Boundlessly. Without limits.

Extinguishing specifically for it's own sake has no side effects but it doesn't help either
Therefore, let's help each other in this Samsara, help awaken out, help unwind.

'Took-yang kue Mai' (everything is 'Mai' - no delusive attachment).
It will end delusion by itself from inside and outside.

Whenever interacting with anyone, at that moment if they are not unwound, they will take on each other's difficulties.
'Plong ting', cleanse it out, unwind it out.
Don't stay with feelings, thoughts and emotions even a little bit.
Right away, there will be no energy and dimness, if one hasn't already awakened.

The first 'Soo' is to unwind from the self, the second 'Soo' power will cleanse towards the outside, the third 'Soo' is beneficial to all things.

All daily routines are secondary.
Go ahead with 'Mai' (no delusive attachment).

Luang Por Posri Surioya Khemarato's reflection on 20 Feb 2015:

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