A lot of people love to talk about compassion and peace regarding home, foreign and domestic affairs. But did not have the compassion and peace in mind, then how will the true compassion and peace be formed?


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"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." The Buddha. "..Religion without Science is Blind, Science without religion is crippled." Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Life - War

Life is like a war. We are constantly fighting it. Sound bloody? No, is not bloody. This is not the kind of war I am referring where one sentient being or country using weapons killing another sentient being or country. At first we thought our enemy is external, but in fact our greatest enemy is no other than ourself. It's an invisible war. A war that we fight in our own conscious mind. Only when we manage to win ourself, we then be able to grow. Not just one war, but many wars. Every second , every minute, very hour and everyday till the ultimate war which is to gain full enlightenment.

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo


Due to this merits,
May I soon,
Attain the enlightened state of Guru Buddha,
That I may be able to librate all sentient beings from their suffering.

May the precious bodhi mind, Not yet been born in me, will arise and grow.
May the birth have no decline, and will increase forever more.

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo
Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dharmaya
Namo Sanghaya