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Friday, 29 July 2011

Shinkoku-O Gosho - Part 3

Shinkoku-O Gosho 
(Sovereigns of Our Divine Land)
Part 3

Introduction of the Six Sects in Nara

During the thirty-third reign of Emperor Shushun, Buddhism began spreading in Japan, gaining momentum during the reign of the thirty-fourth Emperor Suiko, whoese Imperial Regent, Prince Shotoku, did much for the rise of Buddhism such as the promulgation of the Seventeen Article Constitution based on Buddhist doctrines. it was during his reign that schools of Buddhism called Sanron (Three Treatises) and Jojitsu (Completion of Truth) were transmitted to Japan for the first time. This Sanron Sect was the first of the Buddhist sects, Mahayana or Hinayana, appearing in India, China or Japan. Therefore, is is called the mother or father of Buddhist Sects.

Thereafter, the Zen Sect was transmitted to Japan in the reign of Emperor Kogyoku, the thirty-sixth sovereign; the Hosso (Dharma Characteristics) Sect, in the reign of Emperor Temmu, the fortieth sovereign; the Great Sun Buddha Sutra, in the reign of Emperor Gensho, the forty-fourth sovereign; and the Kegon (Flower Garland) Sects, in the reign of forty-fifth Emperor Shomu. Both Ritsu (Precepts) and Tendai-Hokke (Lotus) Sects were introduced to Japan by Venerable Priest Chien-Chen (Ganjin) in the reign of the forty-sixth Emperor Koken, but Chien-chen propagated only the Ritsu Sect without spreading the Tendai-Lotus Sect.

by Nichiren Daishonin
12th year of Bun'ei Era (1275)


Due to this merits,
May I soon,
Attain the enlightened state of Guru Buddha,
That I may be able to librate all sentient beings from their suffering.

May the precious bodhi mind, Not yet been born in me, will arise and grow.
May the birth have no decline, and will increase forever more.

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo
Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dharmaya
Namo Sanghaya