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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nichiren Daishōnin’s Goibun Words: Kaimoku Sho (Three Great Vows)

Nichiren Daishōnin’s Goibun Words: Kaimoku Sho 
(Three Great Vows)
日蓮大聖人御遺文: 開目抄 (三大誓願)

"No matter how many great difficulties fall upon me, I will not submit to them until a man of wisdom defeats me by reason. Other difficulties are like dust in the wind. I will never break my vow to become the pillar of Japan, to become the eyes of Japan, and become the great vessel of Japan." - Written on February 1272, at Sado Island [Ref.: Writings of Nichiren Daishōnin: Doctrine 2 (WNS 2), p. 105]

"以種種大難相加,除非智者能破我義,終不為用也。其他大難,袛如風前之塵。我、誓將作日本之梁柱,作日本之眼目,作日本之大船,此願不可破!" - 寫於1272年二月,發信地:佐渡島 [查閱:日蓮大聖人御書全集,第249頁]

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo

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Due to this merits,
May I soon,
Attain the enlightened state of Guru Buddha,
That I may be able to librate all sentient beings from their suffering.

May the precious bodhi mind, Not yet been born in me, will arise and grow.
May the birth have no decline, and will increase forever more.

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo
Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dharmaya
Namo Sanghaya