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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Questions & Answers about Liquid Leklai capsules

1)How do you define your type of Leklai? 

Basically, Leklai can be roughly classified into two types depending on how it was first found.  For the first type, I call them Super Leklai or Liquid Leklai since they were originally found in liquid form.  This type of Leklai is extra-ordinary powerful by nature but they are super rare to find.  They might be seen or might not be seen in some caves.  Some of them, you might see it but when you try to touch it, it would run away since it's in liquid form in the beginning.  The only way to get them is to make ritual arrangement to ask for permission to take them and need to use some specific mantra to call them out and force them to pour down into the candle molds and use special mantra to make them turn into solid form. Nowadays, there are very few monks that know how to seek for the Super Leklai and know how to use special mantra and arrange special ritual in order to get the Super Leklai from caves.  LP Huan is known to be the most Leklai expert that is still alive but now he is very old and may not be able to go out to find Super Leklai anymore.

For the second type, I call them Secondary Leklai or Solid Leklai since they were originally found in solid form like stones.  Most famous Leklai of this type is Rainbow Leklai which is mostly found from Um-Krum mountain or Leklai Ta-Rad from Wat Tham Fad.  The Solid Leklai has much cheaper price compared to Super Leklai since they are not so rare as Super Leklai.  The Solid Leklai is considered to be very powerful by nature but their power is much less than Super Leklai (for the same size).

2)Why Super Leklai is so powerful?  Has it been blessed by any monk? 

Super Leklai is extra-ordinary powerful by nature but the Super Leklai that I got were also blessed by LP Huan who found them and got them from caves in Karnjanaburi and Kamphangphet provinces.

3)There are so many Leklai in the market and there are so many fake items.  How to identify and test the leklai whether it is fake or not? 

Truly speaking, no way to verify it by just visual inspection since modern technology people can make up metal to look really alike real Leklai.  The only way to justify it is to use power measurement which can be done by some persons who have special gift or could achieve high level of meditation (like some monks). Another way is to check the source where they firstly got it and check the creditability of the source whether they are trustworthy or not.    

4)What are the benefit to wear the Leklai?

Real Leklai is good for both Wealth and Protection.  For protection, Leklai will try to protect you by one of three methods depending on the power of Leklai(the type and how big for the size) and on your own current karma that is effecting you.  The three methods are as follows:

1. Try to stop the cause of harm (Maha-oud), for ex. try to stop the gun not to fire out (the shooter has clicked the gun, but the bullet cannot be fired or can be fired but the gun explodes and the bullet cannot run out).

2. Try to deflect the harm away from the you (Klaewklard), for ex. even the gun can be fired but the power of Leklai would try to bend the bullet away from you (cannot hit you).

3. Try to make you safe from injury (Konggaphan), for example. the bullet can touch your skin but cannot penetrate into your body.

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