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Monday, 27 April 2009


dZI (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan word to describe a patterned agate bead of mainly cylindrical or tabular shape called "Heaven's Bead" in Chinese. Such beads were etched black-and-white or brown-and-white, with symbols comprised of circles, ovals, square, waves stripes, lines and various other symbolic patterns.

To the Tibetans, each of these symbols represents a specific meaning. They are precious possession to the Tibetan, with so many fascinating stories of its mystical power attributed to it.

dZi beads play an important role in Tibetan culture. They have been found also in neighbouring countries around Tibet. In ancient times, dZi beads are precious jewelry which is used for barter trade. Tibetans believe dZi beads to possess the power to bring about good influence associated with protection, prosperity, attracting wealth, fostering good health and ward against evil. These beads were etched dating back a few thousand years ago. New dZi beads is said to be those that were etched recently. Since the material used for both the old and the new beads is Agate, the difference between them lies in the TIMING the etching were done.

Formed under the earth a long time ago, Agate is one of nature's precious gifts to mankind and has been well accepted as a stone that radiate good energy. This earth energy gives the dZi bead its potency making it extremely auspicious to the wearer.

The price of dZi beads is based mainly on its quality. The size, the skin texture, the clarity of the etched lines and its overall appeal are among some factors to consider when buying a dZi bead, be it an old or a new piece.

1 Eye Dzi Bead

The 1 eyed Dzi is very good for enhancing one’s self-confidence and strengthens self-determination. It is a Dzi for those who are in challenging jobs and helps the person to succeed. Best suited for those born in Horse, Sheep and Monkey.

2 Eye Dzi Bead

If 2-eye Dzi bead is made as a pendant and strung with two rose quartz beads makes the perfect love charm for those who are seeking love. Wear it close to your neck to enhance your throat charka thereby creating positive energy and the chi for good relationships. Dzi beads are also believed to be capable of dispelling bad vibes and creating good energy along with good fortune. Make sure that you rinse the Dzi under a steady stream of clean water before drying it out in the sun to activate its powers. For those who are single, make sure that you wear this Dzi continuously for 2 weeks in order to achieve maximum effect. For those who are already married, wear this Dzi periodically to reenergize the passion and love of the marriage.

4 Eye Dzi Bead

This Dzi connects the energy from the 4 directions of the compass, and is believed to be associated with the 4 celestial guardians. It provides protection from lawsuits and removes obstacles. Best suited to Rabbit, Dragon and Snake.

5 Eye Dzi Bead

The Five Eyes Dzi - if strung with citrine - has the power to welcome in wealth from 5 different directions. Representing the Five Directional Wealth God, by wearing this Dzi, you be blessed with wealth, material gains, helpful people, good fortune and success.

7 Eye Dzi Bead

Use this Dzi to help you in gathering fame, perfection, career, wealth, health, longevity and get good relationships. Suitable for the Horse, Sheep and Monkey.

8 Eye Dzi Bead

8 eyes Dzi Bead helps to bring you all kinds of good luck. It represents the 8 auspicious objects - Conch Shell, The Wheel, Parasol, Lotus Flower, Vase, Double Fish, Mystic Knot and Banner. 8 eyes Dzi assists the owner in finding and staying on their proper path.

9 Eye Dzi Bead

The 9 eye Dzi brings abundant luck and good fortune in all things. Wear this Dzi around your left arm to ensure that good things happen in your life. Wearing Nine Eyes DZI bead, the owner is said to collect nine types of merits, which helps to purify negative karma, dissolving all obstacles and blocks to success. This DZI will enable the wearer to gain power and influence, and to enhance his/her reputation further. It also brings wealth and windfall luck to the wearer. Best suited to those born under Rabbit, Dragon and Snake animal signs, but everyone wearing the powerful nine-eyed DZI will gain benefits.

10 Eye Dzi Bead

The 10 eyes Dzi helps in the acquisition of power and enhances interpersonal relationships. Used as a stone for achieving your goals and perfection to life, this Dzi is best suited for those born in the years of the Rooster, Dog and Boar.

11 Eye Dzi Bead

Wear the 11 eye Dzi, if you need to enhance your wisdom and prosperity luck. Although this Dzi is best matched to those born in the years of the Horse, Sheep and Monkey, it is also good for those who find their 8-Characters (Ba Tzi) chart to be lacking in wisdom element.

12 Eye Dzi Bead

The Twelve-Eyed Dzi Bead (Best strung with faceted citrine donut beads) magnifies the wearer's Chi energy, enabling him/her to overcome all fears, both real or imagined. It symbolizes the fulfillment of all wishes and signifies the attainment of an excellent reputation. There will also not be a shortage of opportunities when the DZI gets worn daily. Best suited to those born under Rooster, Dog and Boar animal signs.

15 Eye Dzi Bead

The Fifteen Eyes DZI bead imparts to the wearer all of heaven’s blessings. This manifests in smooth sailing all the way in whatever endeavors and projects the wearer embarks on. It also brings good business luck and many opportunities to the wearer. Best suited to those born under Rooster, Dog and Boar animal signs.

21 Eye Dzi Bead

The 21 eye Dzi is believed to enhance one's energy and helps to overcome fear and stay firm and strong thru life's problems. It symbolizes the fulfillment of all wishes and promotes good reputation. Very well suited to the Rooster, Dog and Boar.

Sunday, 26 April 2009





生于一九六三年的兔人在牛年会得到长着相助,运势看高一线,其余各年运势平平,由于该年对兔人来说不宜进攻,故应加强个人的进修,积蓄力量,以待时机成熟再图霸业。 事业及财运方面,总体来看是下半年好于上半年,尤以七,十月为佳。因此牛年对兔人来说是一个“部署年“而非“进攻年“。






生肖属马的人牛年有“紫薇“及“龙德“两颗大型吉星飞临,论整体运势,该为十二生肖之首。因为此两星均主升职、当权及科甲功名,而“龙德“是一颗一级化灾星,为马人挡去所有阻力。当“暴败“及“天厄“却是两颗凶性极重的星宿,前者是空发性的凶劫,后者关系天灾及宿世的孽障,因此马人牛年在盛运中亦要步步小心,切勿贪胜不知输,而且要小心健康,并留意近亲所引发的危机及病劫。幸好有“地解“星来救,“紫薇“化灾必逢凶化吉,不用担心。 生于一九五四年及七八年的马人牛年当时得令,大利创业及学业,人形光采,会有极佳的财运,生于三零及六六年的马人为次一级,牛年宜突击及享受人生,身体毛病较多。四二年的马人牛年人际关系有所改善,机会极多。马人牛年特别留意农历的五月及九月,分外兴旺,而农历七月,必应远行或搬迁。但农历四月是非叫多,此月少吃猪肉及牛肉。地产投资获利。留意农历三、六、九、十二月四大转变点,小心近亲处理财务问题。马人牛年亦碰上“大耗“元辰,小心理财,宜置业储蓄。








狗人牛年的凶星,主要受“勾绞”及“暴败”两颗凶星来袭,令狗人谋事不利,而大多的问题,来自身边的人和事,狗人牛年的竞争很大,而一些好朋友及部下,都会产生叛变或吵闹,令狗人心神失落,幸好一颗“太阴”吉星来救,使狗人能逢凶化吉。狗人牛年一定要运用三合局,招来马肖及虎肖的吉星来助旺自己,才可安然渡过。但事实上狗人已走运一段颇长时间,牛年对狗人的考验,乃为长远的运道,提供正面的磨练。 狗人牛年的财运依然向上,大利投资及地产,明显地农历三、六、九及十二月为狗人牛年的投资月,其中又以农历五月及九月最旺。狗人牛年的凶月为农历四月及时月。生于一九三四年的狗人为众狗人之冠,与七零年的狗人牛年大利创业及升迁。其次为生于一九四六年及五八年的狗,休养生息,依然有运。生于二二年及八二年的狗人运势较差。狗人牛年切忌不可对人太存厚望,君子之交淡如水,希望愈大失望愈大。同行相欺或“抢饭碗”为狗人牛年的遭遇。女狗人牛年总运势看高一线,生于八二年的女人学业有进步。


到了牛年,猪人的大运内吉星欠奉,财运还可有收获,但整体受“丧门”、“豹尾”、“飞廉” 这一批凶星来扰,而吉星只能借助三合羊及兔来助,可惜二者牛年亦非行运,可见猪人牛年只能依然故我,在平静中享受人生,切不可轻言妄进,否则必焦头烂额而回。




牛人牛年明显地有大方向的改变,但细节和琐事,却令牛人不胜其烦,加上“创锋“、“伏尸“、”大耗“等凶星来袋,令牛人透不够气。但一粒“地解“星,便足够化解牛人牛年的所有凶运。只要牛人牛年小心刀险,在投资地产上稳扎稳打,必为牛人带来精彩的第一步。 牛人牛年大利创业及转换新环境,可得极多人来助,并且大展拳脚,“华盖“必有说服力及领袖运。牛年财库地产必动,牛人小心农历三、六、九及十二月的投资,因有“大耗“,恐失策而招破财。生于一九一三、二五及七三年的牛人,牛年精神气质会更上一层楼,事业及财运均看高一线。三七年的牛人牛年心情欠佳,头脑不清醒,投资应小心。四九及六一年的牛人修养生息,储力待发。


Due to this merits,
May I soon,
Attain the enlightened state of Guru Buddha,
That I may be able to librate all sentient beings from their suffering.

May the precious bodhi mind, Not yet been born in me, will arise and grow.
May the birth have no decline, and will increase forever more.

Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo
Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dharmaya
Namo Sanghaya